Third-&-Wall is a creative platform for artists with an entrepreneurial skill. Posters, paintings, photography and on demand prints – you name it, they have it.

The platform has become a decent marketplace for artists since opening and is an insanely popular website today. That’s why our team loved the entire development process.

What was needed?

Our client required a fitting combination of an artistic platform and a prominent market place in a gorgeous wrapping.

The site needed to be both functional and convenient to end-users. A customer’s wish is our command!

What we did?

We have developed а website that provides artists a possibility to publish and sell their arts. Third And Wall also allows registered visitors to choose from different works and group them into projects with the ability to buy all arts in each project at once.

Pictures can have size, substrate and border variations. We’ve also implemented search functionality to boost up user experience as well as overall convenience of the solution.

In addition, site’s functionality allows to import all products, users and projects from the previous site.

WooCommerce was chosen as a tool for this site. A custom plugin was written to implement project functionality.

Variations of pictures are implemented with another custom plugin to improve performance. That data can also be saved in the projects.

WooCommerce search functionality was improved to filter images by additional fields (e.g. artist name) and to work with the standard WordPress search system.

Additional features

  • Ability to export projects as PDF
  • Watermark full-size images
  • PayPal payment system
  • Complex price matrix


Both our client and end-users are enjoying the product. Artists are granted with a chance to make a decent living with their work. Art fans have a plethora or visuals to choose from. All in all, everyone’s happy.

In the end of the day a job well done is a job well done. Check it out here:

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Katherine VanHenley

We began working with QArea in order to redesign our very outdated website and make it more attractive to our customers as well as remain competitive within our industry. Our old website had no content management system and we needed a site that we could manage day to day without having to understand code ourselves.

QArea was able to assist us with the design and development of a brand new site that our customers love. Because we have a CMS now, we can manage many aspects of the ecommerce site ourselves. Their team is responsive and professional and we always felt like our new site was in good hands. Even after we launched, QArea has helped us with making further changes and improvements. We would recommend QArea for your development needs, whether they’re large or small.


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