A mighty platform for those in need of translator services – TurboLinvo – is the site, designed to give people a wide variety of services. Translations, transcriptions, interpreting and editing are but several services TurboLingvo offers.

The challenge

Creation of a custom solution with rich functionality from scratch was the biggest challenge of this project. The site had to convert visitors into customers and, additionally, it was purposed to attract translators, linguistics experts and other professionals from this niche.

Our solution

We designed and developed a custom website that is perfect for its purposes. Its front-end is juiced up by Angular.JS, thus smooth user experience and deep levels of responsiveness are ensured. A clear, intuitive form for making orders is present on all relevant pages to ensure comfort and improve conversions. Site’s interface is plane, simple and intuitive, which is rarely seen in web resources that provide a wide array of numerous full-cycle services.

We have also encouraged talented translators to become a part of TurboLingvo team. We realize that a group of professionals always requires food for thought to keep themselves entertained. Thus the contest sob-section was born. With it the site provides the ability to run contests for the professional translator community. In order to compete in translating people will have to deal with challenging handpicked text and videos chosen by excerpts from various categories. After the contest completion, participants and guests are welcome to discuss and share professional insights on the topic.

As the result – our team has developed a great solution covering both sides of the bridge. Customers are provided with quality solutions, while experts are encouraged to come and stay.

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Tools and Technologies

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