UI/UX Design For Online Travel Agency

A web-based online service that helps people book a flight or a hotel room in just a few clicks. It is convenient to use and provides excellent speed performance, while the visual appearance of the site is quite intuitive and user-friendly.

About Project

QArea got the request to develop a design concept for a traveling web-based application which provides easy trip booking for corporate and individual travelers. After the registration on the website, users can book a flight using various filters by the necessary categories (time of departure, flight duration, etc.) In addition, the service has an opportunity to book a hotel room, which simplifies the travel routine and reduces the time spent on finding a hotel.


Our primary responsibility was to create the application design and the personal user profile UX. We had to make it intuitive and easy-to-use which would help users to quickly find the necessary flight. The concept of the personal user profile played a decisive role while we were working on the overall UX logic of the app. It should have been well-thought out, user-friendly, and have high speed performance. To ensure stable website performance on any device we conducted compatibility, UI/UX, and functional testing for all pages.


The project implementation took about 2 weeks and included the following phases: UX logic development, wireframing, design of the pages, style and color palette approving from the client side, etc. Then, it was followed by a week of minor edits and improvements. To better understand the user demands and the application particular functionality, we had to develop a user flow. It helped us to make perfect compatibility between the backend and frontend parts of the service.

Figma is the key instrument that we applied for the website prototyping. As additional tools, we used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Since the design was a crucial part of the app development, clear and transparent communication, also played an important role in the successful project implementation. We used Skype for instant messaging and daily meetings, while Odoo ensured a perfect workflow execution from the management side.


The visual appearance of the application is quite intuitive and allows users to book a flight or hotel easily. After selecting the preferred option and providing all the information, the service manager receives this information and orders a trip for the user. After the trip has been booked, users can find all the necessary documents related to their trip in the user profile.

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