UX/UI Design for MAKI

Website design for an online store of a famous Ukrainian brand of fashionable clothing and accessories.


Our mission was to create a unique design for the new MAKI’s website. We had to provide the client with a UX/UI design solution that would complement the brand’s philosophy and give the digital storefront the charm it needs to best convey the individuality and sophisticated taste behind every one of the brand’s products.


We were diligent in our research. We interviewed MAKI’s fashion designers and their most devoted customers to fully understand the brand’s philosophy. We studied expert opinions and behaviors of general fashion lovers to gather insights and identify the latest trends in the eCommerce fashion domain. The storefront was designed to be built using WordPress and WooCommerce which provided our designers with great flexibility and a wide range of options for the implementation of our design concepts. In close collaboration with the client via Figma, our designers wireframed and prototyped the website, refining every visual element, every interaction and user flow to look and feel remarkable for the user. We completed the WooCommerce tools with our unique themes and customizable layouts.


In 3 months of thorough research, wireframing, and prototyping, we tailored the design that tastefully wraps an extensive set of powerful eCommerce features into minimalist forms, clear and sensible layouts, and a compelling digital shopping experience. From catalog to product pages to checkout, MAKI’s new website captivates customers with aesthetic pleasure, desire, and some quality shopping time.