Vkontake, or simply VK is a popular social media platform, mostly used in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is proud with more than 400 million active users monthly. Our team was to make a great AR application for users of this network.

The challenge

Vkontakte is a really popular social network with an enormous amount of users who already love a familiar interface and desire more functionality from existing mobile applications. And our team had to create a great AR experience that allows such drastic features as:

  • Users can check in from any place;
  • Content may be posted on their wall;
  • Other users will see people that are geographically close to themselves;
  • Users will also be able to search for specific spots or places of interest.

Our solution

We have created an app, written on Wp 7.1 and integrated and API from vk.com that allows heavy use of the network’s geo-service. Each published post has a geo-mark and will be displayed within the app.

Users will also be able to see which post are located nearby, straight through the camera. Visualized tabs will augment the reality and provide users with more comfort and interactivity. It is now enough to take a look at a store or a restaurant through a smartphone to determine who checked in there and all comments that were left.

Additionally, all users will be able to see all published posts on their map.

Gyroscope is used in order to display posts on the screen of a phone correctly. All math and other calculations were created from scratch. 100% custom code was used to meet exact and precise expectations of the target audience.


We have created a great, intuitive and interactive AR application to support VK users with more friendly, geo-based functionality.


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