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  • Technologies WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Figma, Spline, email, Skype
  • Country Sweden


QArea was approached by a European-based company that develops and sells water purification systems both for businesses and individual customers. The company already had a working website, but eventually decided to look for another vendor to develop a new site more efficiently. We gladly accepted the proposition.

From the design standpoint, the client requested a complete remake of all the pages. The existing version of the website was starting to look outdated, so a fresh design became a necessity. The client also wanted us to develop new pages, including a blog. With a complete understanding of the client’s vision and a clear plan, we set to work.

The company’s vision for the project included a contemporary website available in multiple languages and for multiple locations across Europe. The site also had to be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Finally, we were tasked with integrating a few plugins and technologies, including CRM, customer support software, product experience management, and more.

Project Duration

2 months

Team Composition

Designers – 2


Our team began the work by preparing the new design of the site pages. The client provided us with some references but was also open to our suggestions and expertise. The minor requirements sometimes changed over the course of the project, but ultimately, we implemented the concept we originally discussed. One of the most challenging parts of the process was developing complex animations from scratch, but, with the help of a 3D designer from our team, we successfully delivered the animated elements

Since the website was intended for use all across the European Union and the UK, it was very important that it was available in different languages, was tailored to different locations, and provided different payment options depending on the client’s location. We paid special attention to implementing this functionality, as it directly impacts the customer experience.

To make sure that the work on the project was going as planned and to keep the client informed about the progress, we had weekly meetings, where the whole team reported on their work and the client offered feedback.


Engagement Model:

Time and Material

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The project started several months ago and is currently ongoing. At this point, the designs both for the mobile and the desktop version of the site are ready. Technology-wise, the web version of the website is nearly completed and every new feature implementation is reviewed and approved by the client. Our team is currently working on the mobile version of the site, as well as adding new functionality to the existing website pages.


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