Website Development for a Wine & Spirit Wholesale Platform

A website for a US-based organization that sells imported wines and spirits to retailers and restaurants around the country and provides expert reviews, cocktail recipes, and pairing tips.


The client has already had a website that missed half of the essential functionality, showed very poor performance, and had major issues with data storage and processing. Therefore, we were required to fix all the issues on the existing website before we could start the development of the requested new features. Our main priorities were to rework the geolocation system and the wholesale network databases, optimize the codebase to improve the website’s overall performance, and create the tools necessary for efficient administration and convenient product browsing.


To create a future-proof, high-performing website, we chose to rebuild it using mobile responsive design as well as Drupal 8 and HTML5 as our main technologies. First thing we did was rework the very architecture of data processing and set up continuous deployment using Jenkins. 

Considering it’s a very content-heavy, database-driven website, we needed it to be able to process huge amounts of data without suffering any performance issues or downtime. To achieve that goal, we chose MySQL that works perfectly with Drupal and boasts time-proven reliability. We also used Varnish for external data caching and Redis as our internal data solution. We further improved the website’s usability and performance with Ajax and jQuery. 

We integrated the distribution and manufacturers geolocation system with Google Maps and automated it to update databases once a month while leaving the option to manually choose data entries and control the process. We also created an advanced browsing system with intuitive filters and powerful sorting tools for easy and enjoyable browsing through a massive range of imported goods.


By means of thorough planning and well-established development processes, our Drupal development team has successfully delivered on the client’s requirements despite the tight terms. We optimized the existing codebase, fixed all the data processing issues, and significantly improved the overall performance of the platform. We also equipped the platform with powerful systems and tools that ensure great usability for both the platform owners and their clients. Now the retailers and restaurants around the U.S. can easily access a remarkable network of wholesale companies and comfortably choose from a comprehensive portfolio of imported wines and spirits with all the related information, reviews, and expert advice.