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For every business, having an online presence has become a necessity. We helped our client, a globally respected Japanese manufacturer, to upgrade their existing site and develop three amazing portals for the company’s subsidiaries to help them grow their business and showcase their brand.

QArea’s goal was to build websites for four regional branches of our client’s industrial machinery business. The websites had to be functional, well designed, and informative. Visitors must be able to understand what the company does, browse a catalogue of available machinery, and be able to easily get in touch with our client’s representatives to place an order or request a consultation. The client also provided an expansive list of technical requirements to the website’s functionality, back-end, content management, and search engine optimization. 

All the websites should have had a unique and appealing look while professionally presenting the company as an industry leader with high-quality machinery products. 

Our goal was to create a design that both matched the main ideas of the client’s business and followed the latest B2B trends. We had to ensure the responsiveness and compatibility of all sites so that they could reach the widest audience possible. 

Another important task was to migrate the existing legacy website of the client’s subsidiaries to an Umbraco and .NET content management system. As our client had gone through the rebranding process, it wasn’t clear what content should be published on the new site. One of the biggest challenges with this part was to create the website layout that ensures consistency and a similar design. Once the content parameters were determined, we were able to use all the benefits of the Umbraco platform and build websites most effectively.


Project Duration

6 months

Team Composition

Designers – 2

PM -1

Developers – 5


We set issue identification and documentation as an essential part of our development process. This would guarantee that all errors are captured, prioritized, and resolved efficiently. Considering all requirements were specified and explicit, we chose Waterfall as a development methodology for the project. 

We used .NET to build four fast, efficient, and secure websites. Our flexible and adaptable UI/UX process allowed us to ensure the website is easy to use, the content is accessible and presented clearly, and the overall layout and color scheme of the website is pleasing to the eye.

We built an effective workflow within the team by making regular communication with the client a priority. Skype, Google Hangouts, and daily email reports were a core part of our work with the client. This effective workflow resulted in four great websites being delivered to the client within the defined time frame and budget. 


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Website for industrial machinery manufacturer
Website for industrial machinery manufacturer
Website for industrial machinery manufacturer

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After six months of dedicated work, our team has developed four attractive, cohesive, and visually engaging websites that allow users to easily navigate and communicate with our client.

For the American department of our client’s firm, we created a site that informs the visitors about machine installation, sales and distribution, start-up services, repair, service maintenance, engineering, and technical support, and more. It also includes the chats for communicating with support/finance specialists. 

We also built the portals for the Canadian, South American markets that both take into account the peculiarities of the regions and reflect the massive scale of our client’s global business. Our customer is completely satisfied with the results of our work, and we look forward to new challenging tasks from them in the future.


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