You-Doo is a reminder, task scheduler and handy to-do-list based on proximity altogether.


We were tasked to ensure the following:

  • An app that is very easy to use and provides such powerful features as:
    • calendar view,
    • live timeline,
    • task history,
    • GPS groups,
    • and much more.
  • A pro version with even more functionality like:
    • device syncing,
    • friend share,
    • recurring tasks,
    • cloud saves,
    • Outlook import,
    • etc.

Our solutions

Our engineers have set up, designed and developed a fine solution made to ensure user-comfort in all scheduling-related aspects of life. You-Doo allows users to arrange specific GPS locations for places of high interest, like their job, mall they visit, nearest dentist, etc. Entering such a place would trigger the app to display a full list of related chores.

In addition time-sensitive tasks may be arranged within You-Doo and will be triggered accordingly. Throughout development, after numerous elements were visualized and even created a better view of the app was available which lead to several changes in functionality. As the result we have ended up with an app that can:

  • Free version
    • Task alerts can be proximity triggered
    • A clear view of a Live Timeline is available
    • Individual tasks have both the Live Timeline and Live Tiles
    • All can be grouped and categorized based on GPS location data
    • Bing Maps and Foursquare are integrated into the Map functionality for more convenience
    • All relevant daily chores and tasks are clearly visualized in a calendar view
    • Notification functionality
    • Numerous available language settings
  • Premium version
    • Cloud saves functionality
    • Driving tips and guidelines
    • Device synchronization functionality
    • Availability of calendar export
    • Task sharing
    • Extra icons and color pallets

Kyle Silcox

Director at Plutanium, LLC

“The team at QArea has been a strong business partner for me and my company. They have been very creative in helping us come up with ideas and solutions to problems while also delivering quality code in a timely fashion. They are very good at what they do. I recommend their services to anyone looking for a strong business partner in the world of software development...”


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