Site represents an informational resource for competitors, critics and spectators of the yearly movie festival of young stage directors, which takes place every October in Canada. The site represents means of communication of this event’s participants and an informational system for the movie critics’ work. Every competitor has the possibility to download a short film (up to 10 Mb), which will be accessible for general viewing further and it can be assessed by the jury members as well.

From a technical point of view, the site is developed with the Drupal CMS.

  • Forum and support are switched on;
  • File downloading system is present and integrated;
  • Additional functionality includes, yet is not limited to:
    • Voting system
    • Mailing system
    • E-commerce system
    • Banned ad functionality,
    • Comments section,
    • Filter of obscene words is enabled,
    • Etc.

The site supports flexible control of content and functionality access levels through the “role and right” system. Administrator’s area allows configuring all functionality and site content in one line mode.

Commercial success is expected. It takes places due to careful consideration of monetization throughout the entire development cycle. We have carefully analyzed the marked and tailored appropriate solutions like:

  • banner ads,
  • films and festival attributive e-shop,
  • premium subscription for those who wish to possess the privileged critic role.

Speaking about the contestants, the site will be interesting for them due to the possibility to increase the number of spectators, who get familiar with their work, and due to the chance to get the messages from critics and a place for formal and informal communication on every topic of the festival.

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