QA Trainee in Cherkasy

Dreaming about IT, but don’t have enough knowledge and experience to conquer this field?
We can help you acquire a new tech profession in 3 weeks. For free.
Come, learn and work with us!

The Course

You will explore 11 modules that combine theory and its practical applications, providing you with the full range of knowledge needed for a QA engineer.

You will learn about:

  • – Information Technology and Quality Assurance
  • – Software development processes
  • – Project documentation and testing specifications
  • – Testing artifacts, types of software and apps
  • – Testing reports
  • – Databases and data manipulation
  • – Software and desktop application testing
  • – Web app testing
  • – Mobile app testing
  • – Manual and automated testing

and more

We will teach you how to perform functional, load, security, regression, usability, performance, and compatibility testing. You will be provided with real devices and emulators. You will learn how to test electronics and use cloud technologies.

Study for free, successfully pass the final interview, and be hired as a QA engineer at Qarea!

Isn’t it great? Now let’s move on…

The Mentors

You will be supervised by these gurus on your way to becoming a QA engineer. Our experts are certified, award-winning QA professionals, who will share their knowledge and experience with you. They are team leaders, willing to not only be your teachers but also your future colleagues.

Your future mentors:

  • – Perform testing for giant clients like Microsoft, Skype, HuffPost, and eBay
  • – 17 years experience in the industry
  • – Certified by Microsoft, Joomla, and Acquia
  • – Poses proven knowledge of all the peculiarities of IT business.

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The Program

When: all applications can be submitted during July-September

Length: 3 weeks, 5 working days a week, 8 hours a day

Location: Cherkasy office

Group: 6 people max

Our educational program is unique. We’ve brought the common meaning of “Trainee” to a new level. You will learn while working, because we believe in practice more than raw, boring theory.

How to apply?

  1. Send your CV to
  2. Pass the interview
  3. Start studying and working

Successfully pass the interview and get a job at QArea. Easy!

We WANT you to have

  • – Desire to stay in IT after studies
  • – Ability and desire to learn quickly
  • – Intermediate level of English or better
  • – Urge to become a testing engineer

You DON’T HAVE TO have (but would be a plus)

  • – Specific knowledge in testing
  • – Technical education
  • – Working experience

Why being a QA engineer is great

  • – Attain a highly demanded profession. Work where you always wanted to and stop worrying about your income.
  • – You will work with large international clients, whose high standards will improve your testing skills.
  • – You will always have the opportunity to level-up your career.
  • – You will cooperate with award-winning and certified teams. Win awards too!
  • – You will constantly grow and absorb very demanded technical knowledge.

Become a professional QA engineer and make IT products better with us!

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