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  • Certificate ISO27001-2013
  • Certificate CMMIDEV
  • Certificate ISTQB

Make better decisions while building software

Product delivery costs

12 months of effort, with total delivery costs of $240k for discovery, UX, design, development.

Product results

Product used by 40 customers over 7 countries; Product used internally for mapping code quality to contracts with clients, grading and finding high-potential developers within the company.

Case Study

SaaS product with ~10,000 users started to lose clientele because of the growing amount of lags. Increasing code quality from F to C+ by code refactoring made the business grow again. Duecode.io was applied as an essential analytics to quantify the progress and the budget for improvements.

Solutions we can deliver

Software as a service (SaaS)

Web-based service provided as a monthly subscription.

Integrations for existing software

We’re able to deliver integrations of existing software with 3-rd party services. With continuous maintenance of created integrations.

Microservices for existing software

Microservice architecture gives an ability to deliver a service with new capabilities to your software.

Data-driven analytics

Dashboards with metrics, data and logic intensive software. Design and UX is a critical part here as we must build a gap between numbers on screen and actual decisions made based on these numbers.

Code quality / Source code security software

We're working closely with SonarQube and other vendors of software code quality metrics.

Social network or an online dating platform

A platform that requires different user roles, ability to interact and management of users interaction.

PDF Generator

Desktop app with Golang on the backend and JS on the frontend.

Desktop app

We’re able to deliver a desktop app bigger than a time tracker but smaller than Microsoft Word.

Referral bonus

Get guaranteed reward for a recommendation to a buyer Total costs of ownership of the team: $19,900


Meet the Agile product team

Alexander G.

Product Owner
Scrum Master

Andrey S.

Backend developer

Stanislav H.

Backend developer

Roman V.

QC Lead
QA Automation (0.5 FTE)

Yevgeny H.

Frontend developer
(0.5 FTE)

Eduard B.

Frontend developer
(0.5 FTE)

Vadim N.

UI/UX Designer

Alexander R.

Manual QC Engineer

Tech stack


Go, python.
PHP, objC, C++, C#.


JavaScript, React, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Twitter/React, Bootstrap, Git, Webpack, NPM, Luxon, Mocha, Chai, Eslint.

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