If you want to follow the latest web design standards, PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion is right for you. QArea experts can execute pixel-perfect, browser compatible conversion meeting the unmatched quality standards.

HTML5/CSS3 coding is innovation in the design world. QArea team has already investigated these techniques and is ready to offer suitable W3C valid and SEO semantic coding solution compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, social widgets and popular browsers.

Conversion to a web template sometimes can destroy the main purpose of the design. With QArea you can be sure that your design will come alive while the idea will remain untouched.

What Do HTML5 and CSS3 Mean?

  • HTML5 is an implementation of the latest web design solutions with set of features required for modern website usage.
  • CSS3 provides abilities to create rounded borders, add shadow to boxes along with gradient support, transitions and animations.

Why Conversion to HTML5/CSS3?

  1. HTML5+CSS3 offer enhanced support for page layouts, video applications and e-mail.
  2. Due to well readable codes, conversion to HTML5/CSS3 is semantically accurate.
  3. Built-in video and audio plugins allow easy viewing of media files on your page without installation of any third-party plugins.
  4. HTML5/CSS3 coding gives you full control over the templates and colors without need to use separate specific codes.