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How to Deal With Design Debt

In the pursuit of a faster time to market, projects may find themselves making numerous compromises between a well-designed UI and its hasty implementation. This leads to design debt, a very common yet rarely discussed problem startups face in iterative and incremental software development. Minor flaws and deviations accumulate with every sprint and eventually turn into a Frankenstein monster of disjointed elements that delivers a disappointing experience. In this eBook we wanted to share with you proactive approaches and reactive solutions that will help you create and keep your UI design in good shape for years to come.

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    What you will learn after
    reading this eBook:

    What design debt is and why it should be taken seriously

    Where design debt comes from

    The importance of design verification and validation

    The cost-benefit ratio of good UX/UI design

    Proactive solutions to dealing with design debt

    Reactive measures to eliminating design debt

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