How to choose a software vendor

IT outsourcing continues to grow as the fundamental service used by businesses to create competitive advantages with the help of dedicated software. As estimated in 2017, the total costs spent on IT outsourcing have increased from 10.6% to 11.9%. IT outsourcing is fast, cost-efficient, and highly effective. However, this can be very risky, so we have created a unique guide that sheds light on everything needed to develop your project with the best outsourcing team and create software that stimulates business growth. “How to Choose a Software Vendor. Game Theory In Software Outsourcing” will teach you how to avoid problems in outsourcing and get the best software development experience from your remote team.

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With this book you will learn how to:

Outsource Efficiently
Avoid Development Hurdles
Build Software with Remote Teams
Win the game for the most talented outsourcing teams
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