A Mobile App MVP for the Entertainment Industry

A beautiful and convenient app for the entertainment industry that puts all trendy spots in one place and makes a reservation in a nightclub as easy as possible.

About the project

Our client, an American startup, came to us with an idea of building an easy-to-use app that connects different night clubs into one network and allows making reservations easily. Through the advanced booking system of the app, the users can choose the time, price and event and make sure their evening will go really well.


The main task of our team was to develop an MVP for the app, so our client can attract funding and bring his project to a whole new level. We also had to ensure that our customer’s app will have a modern and interactive design in order to keep up with the latest trends and meet the needs of the most demanding users.


QArea provided both development, QA and design services for our customer. It took 2 months for the team of 2 developers, 1 designer, and 1 QA- engineer to create a high-quality MVP. We used Python and Swift programming languages that best suited the project needs. With the help of Waterfall methodology, we ensured a clear and predictable development process and Skype helped us to create a perfect communication flow. Our team also used GitLab tool to manage and optimize their work, so we can bring even more value to our client.


Creating an MVP is a good way to minimize the risks associated with the product launch as well as attract the investors’ funding. QArea was happy to work on an interesting project and help our client in achieving his goals. After two months of productive work, our team has delivered the MVP that has fully satisfied our customer and received many positive feedbacks from potential investors. Moreover, with the help of MVP our client even got his first offer to sell the app. QArea has built strong, reliable relationships with our customer, and right now we are creating the plan for full-fledged solution development.


Tools and Technologies