App Development for a Global Audit & Assurance Services Company

A B2B application that provides suppliers and customers in the manufacturing business with an effective management system to run operations, supervise orders, and track shipments.

A lot can go wrong in operations between suppliers and customers in the manufacturing business as there are so many things to follow. This makes good communication and chain management essential to the business. QArea helped a global audit and assurance services company develop a proprietary application that would simplify order and shipment management for their clients.


An international company that provides global audit and assurance services to businesses worldwide, including value chain analysis, compliance assessments, etc., requested QArea to help them with the development of their proprietary system for the manufacturing business—a B2B application that would enable suppliers and their customers to effectively manage orders, track time, monitor shipments, and analyze past activities.


The client provided us with their vision for the app, documentation from their legacy project, and the general description of features they expect to see in the new app. The requirements provided were pretty basic, so we first had to conduct thorough research to avoid any possible misinterpretations. After we clarified the requirements, established efficient workflows, and had all the gaps covered, we moved on to the development. Since the legacy project was already using the Goa framework, our tech stack comprised Go, Goa, and Angular. First, we equipped the app with an admin panel, added two types of users: Suppliers and Customers. Then, we developed a communication system that also enabled users to log their work hours. After that, we added a system for order management and shipment tracking. Among the many other features the app included were:

  • Businesses can invite people to the app, add new users
  • Businesses can assign users different roles in their company profile (managers, employees, supervisors, etc.)
  • Businesses can set automated shipments
  • Businesses can check their activity history: see their orders and shipments from a certain period of time
  • Businesses can share reports


The project was successfully completed in eight months. Our client was very pleased with the way we organized our workflows on the project and the results we delivered—a high-performing and flexible B2B application to effectively run operations, supervise orders, and track shipments. We built them a robust proprietary system that simplifies communication and chain management between suppliers and their customers in the manufacturing business.


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