Application for viewing scientific posters

This is a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows users to publish and view scientific posters while listening to audio explanations about their content. The goal of the app is to help users advance their knowledge in different scientific domains through visual and audio insights from conferences and lectures.


We had to recreate and optimize an existing iOS application for Android devices. The client provided us with existing iOS application giving full access to its source code. We had to thoroughly review it to understand key algorithms and to write the same application for Android. The application had to be feature-packed but also easy-to-use to tackle all user needs.


The major programming language for Android application development is Java, while iOS apps were written with Swift. We had to gather a team of engineers who are experienced in both technologies. As a result of the combined effort we packed the application with such functionality:

  • Users are able to review scientific conferences near them, get a list of attendees
  • Review posters and listen to the audio-reports of the others
  • Import their own posters from PDF and PowerPoint
  • Record voice, and submit a report to the conference
  • Assign poster to the group
  • Take a photo with presenter

We had to conduct a number of testing sessions with users to ensure great app performance. We’ve checked the app for high load resistance, usability, and functionality. It took us four months to create the Android application. After deploying the project to the production environment, our team continues to provide support and maintenance services for both the iOS and Android applications.


Users who are interested in scientific conferences can now keep track of posters without missing important information. There are currently about 10k users who installed and use this mobile app regularly.


Tools and Technologies