Booking Calendar for the Entertainment Industry

The platform for the entertainment industry allows bands and singers to book venues for their concerts, and attendees to buy tickets to the shows.


Our task was to create and implement a booking calendar that would allow quick venue rentals for concerts, festivals, bands, and individual performers.


When the client turned to us for help, the system itself was almost ready for deployment to the production environment. We had to implement new features smoothly to avoid any issues with the existing functionality. Moreover, we had to improve the interface and usability of the service so that the end user gets the most convenient venue booking platform which surpasses the competitors.


Our team used Drupal 7 for the backend, and Angular for frontend. We fixed the issues regarding slow hosting by improving poor legacy code quality. We managed to create a calendar that works smoothly and quickly like Google calendar, so the user is able to create a new event just by clicking on a suitable day.


Thanks to regular communication with the client and deep expertise in JavaScript, we managed to complete the project for just two months. Even though this part of work is done, our team still remains in close partnership with the client and supports their other projects.


Tools and Technologies

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