Kroodle is a site for designed and developed for Agon, a large Netherland insurance company.


We were to create an astonishing solutions that inspires trust in visitors, embraces rich functionality and delivers fast, complex solutions from the insurance niche to website’s users.


The project has 7 insurance types. Every type of insurance has its own parameters for user to fill in order to know the price of required insurance services, meaning several data entry forms were implemented.

All parts of the project are connected to Facebook Api. Users require valid Facebook accounts to perform actions on the site, otherwise one should be created.

All users can buy, edit, cancel insurance, invite their Facebook friends and get bonuses thanks to integration of the Facebook API and vast functionality of developed features.

As an addition, after buying at least one insurance package every user gets an account where he can control his own package and carry out various actions with it.

Client side communicates with the server side are implemented with json and Ajax. Cross-browser testing ensured the site and all of its functionality flawlessly operates on all popular browsers like:

  • IE8+,
  • Chrome,
  • Mozilla FF,
  • Safari.

The site has responsive design.

The project was tested with Jmeter load-test program and showed stable work under 1000+ user load.


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