Quality Assurance Services for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Usability and performance testing of a freshly released web application for cryptocurrency exchange and trading.


Our client, the owner of a Japan-based crypto trading platform, released a modernized version of his web application and wanted us to thoroughly test it. The aspects we were to check included UI/UX, blockchain platforms integration, security, and the app’s response to even the most unusual case scenarios.


The main challenge we faced during the project was the technical complexity of cryptocurrency trading platforms backend. Before getting to work, we had to examine not only the client’s product but the third-party solutions like Ethereum and Stellar integrated with it. Also, the client’s project had no documentation, so we created it from scratch both for the QA process and as a part of post-development maintenance. 


The team of four QA engineers (middle- and senior-level experts and a tech lead) tested the updated version of the client’s platform using Chrome and Firefox web browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems. We used regression, and exploratory testing types for the projects, which covered QA for usability, UI/UX, security, performance, and integrations fit into the platform. The communication with the client was organized with Microsoft Teams digital workplace and regularly took place every two weeks (equal to one sprint). Other than classic manual testing, we also used the Netsparker web scanner for in-depth checks. 


Our team managed to improve the usability of the platform and discover the need to implement a few changes to the project’s codebase for security matters. As for today, we continue to work with the client as a full-time distant Quality Assurance department to timely check all the changes his development team implements in the project.