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About client

Our client is a financial company from the Middle East. They own a mobile application that gives users access to their bank accounts and allows them to electronically sign documents, as well as store and distribute them upon request. We were hired to create a UI/UX design for that banking and personal document management application. Among the key requirements, the client listed service accessibility, responsiveness, ease of use, intuitive navigation, data safety, and a handy interface that would decrease the possibility of unintentional actions in the app.

Project Duration

1 month

Team Composition

Designers – 1


The main challenge we encountered during the project is the number of all technical and aesthetical implications we had to balance out when working. In terms of UI/UX duties, we had to build the application’s logic that would fit well with the government and banking industry, as well as correspond to the digital style of the client’s company. As for the technical features, the app was aimed at giving users access to their bank accounts, store biometric documents and allowing users to display them for scanning if needed, sign documents electronically, and support Face & Touch ID technologies. It wasn’t the easiest to combine all these functions in one interface that would be intuitive yet secure. Thanks to our UI/UX design expert, we managed to solve all the issues.


We created the web design of the Banan application on two mobile platforms, iOS and Android. The core functions that we were focusing on when working with the layout included biometric identification (face and fingerprint reading), electronic signing, document storage and distribution, access to user’s bank account. All these features are easily accessible right from the app’s home screen, as well as a personal profile of a user. We used Figma as our interface design tool to come up with a clickable prototype of an app that would vividly demonstrate the UI/UX design we offered to the client. Communication with the client was held with the use of Skype, Hangouts, and email.


Banan Design
Banan Design
Banan Design

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The result of our work on this project is the high-quality digital design for the iOS and Android applications, from the user interface to the experiences it guides users through. We started by conducting UI/UX research on the client’s application. The findings we gathered were documented and forwarded to the client in form of a report with comprehensive recommendations for UI/UX improvements of their product. Also, after a thorough design analysis, we found the most suitable ways of implementing new features that the client was planning to add in the future. Altogether, this brought a drastic change to the application design and usability leaving our client fully satisfied with the outcomes. Our team of two members (UI/UX design experts) allowed us to finish the design process in just two weeks.


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