Website Design for an Innovative Fintech Platform

A website for an innovative fintech platform that focuses on eliminating B2B and B2C transactional complexity and risks by means of its proprietary technology.


QArea got approached by a UK-based fintech company with a request to design a contemporary interactive website that would promote its proprietary transaction solutions and services.


Our team had to conduct a thorough research of every technology and service the company offered. We had to decide on the design approach that would best represent the advantages, features, and capabilities of the company’s proprietary solutions. We had to create a website that would be simple, enjoyable and fill the target audience with excitement for the numerous opportunities they could get on the fintech platform.


We spent two weeks in research, conceptualizing the design of the future website. We provided the client with visual guidelines and detailed information on what drove our choices in the process. After the plan, the deadlines, and the budget were all approved, we launched into designing the website. We used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for layout design, slicing, and all the artwork. The website was designed to ensure minimum page size and quick load times while boasting impressive looks and enjoyable interactivity on both the desktop and mobile versions.


Our skills with design tools, expertise in user experience and building user interfaces, as well as deep knowledge of the latest visual communication trends and communication design practices, enabled us to finish the project in less than two months. We created a website that triumphs in representing the nature of the company, the strengths of their proprietary solutions, and the opportunities they bring to their clients. Today our website design helps the company to effectively promote its technology and outperform competitors in attracting new clients.