Website Support for a Canadian Lending Company

IT support and maintenance for a website of a Canadian lending company that provides loans, mortgages, and other financial services to its customers.

For a company in the world of banking and financial services, it is essential to ensure that there are no security issues on their website, every function works as intended, and customers can enjoy their services without any inconvenience. That’s exactly what QArea did for a Canadian lending company. We improved the performance and security of their website as well as optimized and standardized all of the modules.


The client came to us with a request to review and inventory their website which was primarily used for marketing, communication, and to get customers acquainted with a wide range and scope of financial services the Canadian company provides. Our initial task was to assess the website’s overall performance, standardize the platform, and find and fix all the security issues. As part of the task, we needed to provide constant support and maintenance of the website where we check all the modules and plugins in use, see which are no longer useful, analyze their interoperability, and provide the necessary optimization.


Since it was planned as a long-term support project, we agreed on the Time & Materials approach for the initial contract. We immediately set up efficient communication and project management channels via Asana and Gitlab and got to work. We reviewed the basis of the WordPress-built website, the databases, and all of the integrated components to standardize them, optimize their interoperability, and create a set of best practices our client can apply across the pages. We improved the tag manager, analytics on the website, prepared a new command-line interface for launch, and remapped the old URLs. We provided constant support of the website in the form of performance and usability improvements, landing page modifications, installation/removal/updates of the WordPress plugins, day-to-day content management, and other ongoing maintenance tasks such as new website builds, bug fixes, integrations, etc.


The initial task was completed in two months while the entire support and maintenance project was going on for a year. Our team managed to deliver on the initial goals flawlessly and provided timely and reliable ongoing support as requested. Today the Canadian lending company keeps growing, marketing their services, and providing their customers with great financial options via a robust, responsive, and secure website.