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Why start loving ASP.NET web development?

February 10, 2017

  These days there are lots of discussions on the brand-new techs like Golang and Virtual Realities. Older and more classical technologies are gradually fading into oblivion. We do not want them to be forgotten, thus today we will talk about ASP.NET. While there is always an extensive choice, why use exactly this famous Microsoft “child” for web development? Lots of industries have already recognized …

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Top 5 PHP Frameworks

January 9, 2014

Using proper frameworks in PHP software development brings robustness and success to the process as it enables quick, simple and efficient developing. Choosing a particular PHP framework usually depends on developers’ preferences. There are numerous frameworks available over the Internet and each one has its special features.

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Mojito – framework for web application development by Yahoo

June 11, 2012

Recently Yahoo released an open-source web application framework called Mojito. This framework aims to fasten the application’s creating for developers, so apps can work on all the major device platforms, including PCs, as well as Android and iOS based smartphones. While there is nothing new in the field of frameworks for web application development, Yahoo is positioning Mojito being a different and new one because …

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Oracle releases mobile application framework

May 28, 2011

  For recent time Oracle has presented its Application Development Frameworks in such a way to speed up development and adoption of apps that are based on the company’s middleware and databases. The Oracle company announced its first chief release of the Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile client. The framework provides developers with a data and hardware abstraction layer on which create software for Windows …

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