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QArea Is Recognized Top Global AngularJS Developer by IT Firms Rating

July 20, 2018
top angularjs development companies

QArea just scored another international rating, proving again its team’s expertise in software development. This time, our Angular JS development team made it to the Top-10 List of Best AngularJS Development Companies based on performed projects, average project budget, innovative approaches, and UI/UX design. IT Firms, a software development research company, is a credible expert in evaluating global IT-services providers. The firm creates credible ratings …

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QArea gets on the final list for the Best Contribution to Quality in the Mobile World of 2016!

October 17, 2016

The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) has a mission to promote and enhance mobile app quality worldwide. The award is targeted at recognizing companies that show supreme commitment to app quality. The results are based on evidence of meeting the highest quality standards and critical contribution to app quality in the mobile sphere. The judging criteria: Outstanding customer satisfaction; Fantastic quality processes; Industry contribution to the …

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iPhone 7: Waterproof and “soundproof” Or Are The AirPods Any Good?

September 14, 2016

The news about iPhone 7 spread over the internet in a matter of minutes. Scores of reviewers immediately jumped on the wagon and started talking about this new device that, as usually, brings a couple of innovations to the table. The creativity of Apple engineers had a weird loop this time and we are talking about the headphone jack. While this interface contradicts the idea …

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The Skype Is Down! Long Live The Skype?..

September 21, 2015

This Monday, September 21, 2015 users all over the world faced yet another loud skype defect. #Skype is now trending hot in Twitter, but, well, not in a good way. The feed is flooded with “it’s down” messages and cheesy Microsoft jokes. And, apparently, for a good reason. Skype works in a really strange manner all over Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Romania, Indonesia …

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Online Freedom: 10 Countries Where You Won’t Find It

October 3, 2014

Modern people are used to the free Internet access wherever they are all the time. Internet has become such a common thing for us, it’s almost indispensable from our everyday life. It gives us freedom of mind and information we couldn’t live without. When things are like this, it’s hard to imagine somebody has no Internet access or is forbidden to use some Internet resources. …

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No More Facebook for Russians?

July 8, 2014

The law in Russia seems to be getting more Chinese than ever. July started with unpleasant news for all Internet users of the huge Russian Federation. On July 1, the parliament passed the bill which makes online services store personal info about their Russian users nowhere but in Russia.

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Jetty 9 is on the skyline!

February 1, 2012

The free source web server Jetty has constituted itself as one of the most wanted free source propositions for business over the latest few years, predominantly for its adaptability and capability. The profound range of enlargements and accessories off-the-shelf make Jetty a widespread disjunctive for some. Eclipse’s IDE, Yahoo’s Hadoop cluster and Google’s AppEngine all feel honor of position on Jetty’s webpage for staying ‘Jetty Powered’.

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Acquia Increases Board with a Pair of Engineering Veterans

January 31, 2012

Narrow Projection Acquia is so young. It is only three years old and concentrates almost solely on free source platform Drupal, which helps its meriting a spot on Forbes bead-roll of 100 most suggestive associations in 2011 a pretty imposing achievement. Despite the company’s measurement, Acquia can not yet be counted a well-recognized name in business circles. The incumbency of two new board colleagues may just …

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The next-gen GPU architecture of AMD – Fusion evolution

June 21, 2011

  Last week in Bellevue, Washington, AMD held the first Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS), here the company shared its vision towards the computing regarding the future of computing and the role graphics processors will play in it. In a few words, the company sees a future where it would be more facile for developers to create heterogeneous applications which efficaciously exploit not just the CPU …

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VMware Designs Cloud For App Developers

April 18, 2011

Developers deploying Goggle’s App Engine cloud and Microsoft’s Azure cloud are the chief target of VMware’s Cloud Foundry platform as a service. 12 April 2011 VMware launched a service cloud platform called the Cloud Foundry for developers, a deed which will cause more outright competition with Microsoft for application developers’ favour. This platform unites services and automatizes their addition to an application, accelerating its development.

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